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Terms & Conditions : 
  • The promotion period starts from 11th November until 30th December 2022.
  • This promotion is valid for all customers.
  • The eligible product for this promotion and the reward can be found below.
Purchase minimum (RM)PackageReward
(Product ID: 2446328)
50 units of AURAC202501 1 Lucky Draw Ticket Entry

  • The lucky draw session will be held one month after the promotion ends.
  • Valid in multiple Purchase Orders (PO) and Invoice must be completed within the promotion period.
  • Customer can enjoy multiple entries.
  • Any other product(s) in the same PO will not be entitled for this promotion.
  • Cancellation of PO is not allowed.
  • KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd has the right to cancel or modify the promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd reserves the right to accept or reject the promotion eligibility should there be any discrepancies.
  • Any terms & conditions not mentioned here will be subjected to KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd’s final decision without prior notice.

Additional offer : 
  • purchase minimum RM 30,000 of Schneider Electric's product or more between 1-Jul to 30-Dec 2022 will get RM 250 incentive rebates.*
  • purchase minimum RM 60,000 of Schneider Electric's product or more between 1-Jul to 30-Dec 2022 will get RM 600 incentive rebates.*
  • This is ONLY applicable to a NEW customer that has no purchase record via KVC B4B Webshop.
  • Each customer can only claim once by end of the program period.

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