OFFERS / Schneider Electric | LC1D & LC1E Contactor Offer 2023

Terms & Conditions : 
  • The promotion period starts from 1-May to 31-May 2023.
  • This promotion is valid for selected Schneider Electric's LC1D & LC1E Contactor models that are available online only.
  • Refer to the product list for products that are entitled to this promotion. 
Purchase a minimum of LC1D / LC1ELC1D09U7(2021880)
RM 2,000 2pcs
RM 5,000 4pcs
RM 10,000 10pcs

  • Any other product(s) in the same purchase order will not be entitled to this promotion.
  • All orders must be billed within the offer periods.
  • Free items will be given within 1 month after the promotion ends.
  • Customers may purchase multiple packages in the same purchase order but only be limited to 1 package during the promotion period.
  • Any discrepancies are subject to KVC's sole discretion to accept or reject promotion eligibility.

Promotional Items