Product Information OverviewPANDUIT | Standard Steel & Vinyl Cable Markers

Permanent identification solutions enable reliable, comprehensive identification in harsh and industrial environments. The Panduit permanent identification system delivers long-term durability and legibility for optimum identification of pipes, conduits, cables, and equipment.

Featuring on-site custom marking tools, these systems offer portability for permanent identification on demand. Panduit also offers custom marking service for embossed and laser-etched marker plates, tags, and ties to speed installation time, reduce labor costs, and keep projects on schedule.


Stainless Steel Marker Plates

Stainless Steel Marker Plate provides permanent identification of pipes, valves, cables, and equipment in harsh environments. Designed for use with Panduit Pan-Steel Cable Ties for fast installation at the lowest cost.

Thus, that is essential to understand structured cabling systems well, how they work and how to have structured cabling systems at which can maximize client’s return on investment (ROI).

Applications : 

  • Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Industrial : Low-Smoke emissions resistance to chemical corrosion, high temperatures, ultr-violet light, flame, and high radiation. 
  • Rail Car Undercarriage, Industrial : Resistance to extreme solvents, oils, and chemicals
  • Shipbuilding, Rail Car Controls : Excellent fire safety properties, minimal smoke emissions.
  • Harsh Environments : Flame retardant and extreme temperatures.
  • Outdoor - Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing, Pumping Stations : Extreme UV resistance; strong holding power for rough, textured, and powder-coated surfaces. 


Standard Marker Plate

Non-adhesive and halogen free; used to identify wires, cables, equipment, and many other applications. Use thermal transfer resin ribbons and Temperature range: -50°C to 105°C.

Attachable in horizontal or vertical orientation. The 0.5" Plenum rated and 0.33" non-Plenum rated Hook & Loop Cable Ties can be used in hanging position.

Meets the outgassing requirements of ASTM E-595 suitable for use in air handling spaces.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Vinyl Cable Markers | Turn-Tell® Labels

The Thermal Transfer Turn-Tell Label allows labels to rotate for visibility from any angle, and allows repositioning on the wire/cable to align legends for improved aesthetics. Use in high-density or space-constrained cable applications and Temperature range: -40°C to 66°C.

Turn-Tell® Labels provide a unique identification solution to meet the application needs of data centers, industrial automation, and other structured cabling infrastructures. It can easily be installed on existing terminated wires/assemblies and does not require disconnecting wires/cables.


Embossing System

Creates raised characters on stainless steel and aluminum marker plates, to deliver maximum visibility for medium to high volume applications that are exposed to dirt and paint. Fast embossing speed of up to 300 plates per hour.

Compatible with numerous sizes and styles of metal plates and tags, includes both 3 mm and 5 mm characters. Easy-Mark Plus™ Labeling Software allows for a quick print legend and exact preview, saving time and reducing print costs

While input hopper allows for easy stacking of plates, saving time and money. Output hopper keeps plates neatly stacked in the order that they are embossed.

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