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There is great interest in expanding the use of automation and robotics in factories, especially in countries where labor cost can be expensive. Thanks to this trend, we will see more integration of automated and manual assembly steps. The use of electric automation is mostly integrated in applications such as inspection and packaging.

It will take time and effort to fully move to electric automation, but it does not deter companies to hop on the automation bandwagon. Using electric automation will greatly benefit companies as they will be able to have higher productivity, fewer errors and not depend too much on manual labor.

Customer Challenges:

To better cope with high demands, it is ideal for manufacturers to integrate automation in their processes. This can help to relieve workers of having to do the basic steps so that they can focus on higher value activities. This results in higher quality products.

Without automation, there is high possibility of human error, especially if they must do repetitive work which can lead to loss of attentiveness on the process. Machines can still cause errors but if integrated with automation, they can be automated at specific intervals depending on each process which ensures enhanced consistency of processes and/or products.

Often, a customer may also request for customised products thus manufacturers must be able to tailor accordingly without sacrificing quality and profitability. Manual labour may take longer to complete such tasks, however with electric automation, the process can be programmed according to the requirements.

XD Solutions: Simple & Effective Motion

Festo’s electric cylinder unit EPCE is suitable for applications with short strokes and cycle times, with minimum zero stroke and the best price/ performance ratio. It is ideal for fast movement in sorting, distribution and testing applications or any applications where space is at a premium. The complete EPCE solution consists of integrated compact cylinder, motor and controller. The innovative interpretation of its toothed belt technology ensures maximum dynamic response and minimal positioning times.

Commissioning EPCE does not require much work as it uses the plug and work principle. This means that all parameters are manually adjustable directly on the drive without requiring any software or special expertise. The EPCE does not need any external servo drive or any control cabinet for installation thus it helps to save space. Also, up to two piston rods per electric cylinder unit can be selected at the same time in four different mounting positions and different combinations.

For example, in the food and beverage industry, manufacturers may integrate automation in sorting, distribution and filling applications. These applications require large amount of manual labour for operating the machines and to increase production rate. However, it is suitable if the process is automated to increase productivity. Each process can be automated to do its job at specific intervals using sensors, actuators and electric controls.


The electric cylinder EPCE is part of the Simplified Motion Series (SMS). In this series, the products are designed by combining the simplicity of pneumatics with the advantages of electric automation.

The SMS combines all necessary electronic components into one integrated axis. They are optimised to handle simple movements between two mechanical end positions without sacrificing motion quality — whether gentle, cushioned end-position travel or simple clamping functions. For pressing and clamping tasks, the SMS offers a teachable pre-position to reduce cycle times.

The SMS includes linear and rotary electromechanical actuators pre-assembled to the integrated motor — a design that eliminates the need to install any additional components in your control cabinet.

A true plug-and-play system, the SMS allows direct adjustments of the parameters via the buttons on the servo drive without having to use additional software, computers, or accessoriess. It is easier to commision and operate as a whole.

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