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Terms & Conditions : 
  • The promotion period starts from 1-Nov to 31-Dec 2022.
  • This promotion is valid for selected L&E Electrical & Automation Capacitor Bank models that are available online only.
  • Products(11) pinned at the bottom of the page are entitled to this promotion. 
  • Purchase selected L&E Electrical & Automation Capacitor Bank models that are available online to enjoy FREE Cash rebate voucher. 
Purchase minimum (RM)Cash Voucher (RM)
RM 1,000 RM 20
RM 3,000 RM 80
RM 5,000 RM 150

  • Any other product(s) in the same purchase order will not be entitled to this promotion.
  • Customers may purchase multiple packages in the same purchase order but are only limited to 2 packages entitled to Free Cash Voucher during the promotion period.
  • Any discrepancies are subject to KVC's sole discretion to accept or reject promotion eligibility.

Additional offer : 
  • purchase minimum RM 30,000 of Schneider Electric's product or more between 1-Jul to 30-Dec 2022 will get RM 250 incentive rebates.*
  • purchase minimum RM 60,000 of Schneider Electric's product or more between 1-Jul to 30-Dec 2022 will get RM 600 incentive rebates.*
  • This is ONLY applicable to a NEW customer that has no purchase record via KVC B4B Webshop.
  • Each customer can only claim once by end of the program period.

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