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Safety impacts the organization beyond worker health and safety. Other areas that are impacted include compliance, risk management, workforce development, supply chain strength, and productivity. Safety no longer needs to be a burden on productivity or a mere cost of doing business. Instead, strengthened by the emergence of unified connectivity and modern control technologies, it can be a powerful tool that benefits workers, operations and bottom line.

Effective safety programs optimize productivity and protect workers, equipment, reputation, and the environment.

Customer challenges:

The budgetary and prioritization of the company could be one of the obstacles to achieving the industrial safety program. It happens that the workers in different functions have different perspective and priority on safety where Safety Officer are concerning with protecting workers in the workplace while operational professionals would more focus on the safety infringing on productivity. The exposure of risk is getting high when the part of the budget was attributed to other programs.

According to Arc Flash Prospectus, IEEE, about 2,000 workers are annually admitted to burning centers for extended injury treatment for arc flash. It became one of the focused issues in the industry as this could lead to a huge loss to a company by paying high penalties for not complying with the obligation as well as the compensation to an injury case.

Unknown safety status on all machines in the plant especially for a big company which has more than 30 machines in production could be a challenge where the production might experience unplanned downtime anytime. This brings a significant impact to the company where the unscheduled production downtime will directly lead to company losses, high maintenance cost, and compensation cost on delayed lead time.

XtructureD Solutions: People & Assets Safety Services

Rockwell safety services address hazardous-energy control, electrical safety, and machine safety. These offerings can help to protect safety investments and ongoing program integrity:

Hazardous energy control services come with Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) solutions in a different environment in order to manage employee safety without compromising productivity. Our comprehensive LOTO support can help perform routine maintenance and meet compliance requirements for all electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, chemical, hydraulic, or thermal equipment. This Hazardous energy control service includes Annual Audits, Electronic LOTO service & software as well as LOTO Training for the authorized employees to maintain compliance.

Electrical safety services including proactively plan for routine maintenance and identify and mitigate potential conditions that could lead to arc flash or blasts. Users are visible into hazard exposures by our exhaustive Arc Flash analysis and service in order to make informed decisions on protecting employees. More than that, our services can help you keep your equipment running as intended by Refurbish (service update on an existing arc flash study or a comprehensive review on an outdated study), Maintain (annual maintenance agreement for a new or existing arc flash study) and Remediate (mitigation solutions for equipment requiring modification in order to reach acceptable risk level).

Machine safety services address all the needs across the entire functional safety lifecycle. Scalable Safety assessments including conformity audits, guarding evaluations, basic safety assessments, team-based risk assessments, design as well as installation, and validation. It helps to identify and evaluate risks at any level, whether it’s one machine or a complex plant.


With comprehensive LOTO support in Hazardous Energy Control Service, employers can easily understand and adhere to national and international safety requirements. Our services are designed to meet or exceed the requirement of CSA Z462, IEEE-1584, and NFPA 70E. This assist user to escape from the high compliance penalty for not reaching the standard requirement.

Other than that, the modernized LOTO programs & software also improve document control where employees can view the procedures faster and easier through smartphones or tablets. By storing the maintenance activities in software, it could help to improve the worker's productivity and reduce the annual audit times by up to 85 percent.

Electrical Safety service which providing existing arc flash study & detailed analysis reports helps to reduce the arc flash hazards and correct over-duty equipment and improve protective-device coordination. This substantially reduces the worker compensation claim by minimizing the risk of injuries and accidents.

Machine Safety services are focused on helping to assess risks, achieve compliance, and improve productivity. It helps to improve productivity by providing high-level safety analysis of machines, giving safety-improvement recommendations, develop a comprehensive safety system and certify machine safety is properly installed and performing within standards. While improving the asset optimization, it also reflects on the reduction in the cost of machine maintenance, design, and add-on safety solutions.


Featured Products


Our safety control systems bring the benefits of traditional programmable control to complex safety applications, replacing the hard-wired relay systems normally required to bring automated processes to a safe state.

Safety Input/Output (I/O) Modules

Our safety I/O portfolio offers local, distributed and On-Machine™ options with a wide range of performance and connectivity attributes to help improve compliance and machine performance.

GuardLink Technology

GuardLink™ technology is a safety-based communications protocol that helps enhance safety and increase machine- and plant-wide efficiency.


To help you protect both your personnel and equipment, a variety of PowerFlex® drives are available with safety features. Additionally, you can configure drives without a safety option using the MSR57P Safety Relay.


Our Safety Servo Drive products are designed to help minimize downtime and reduce energy and production waste while helping improve machine operating efficiencies.


Our Safety Motor Control products help reduce the risks associated with the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment.


Our Safety Sensors & Switches are designed and built to global standards for high reliability, stability, and quality. Safety switches include limit and interlock switches and emergency stop switches.


Safety Relays check and monitor a safety system and either allow the machine to start or execute commands to stop the machine.


Our Guardmaster® Safety t-ports/splitters, distribution boxes, shorting plugs, and taps are parts of a quick-disconnect system dedicated to machine safety.