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For centuries, the humble façades have stood tall with their arch-types in the overall aesthetic as well as the technical performance of a building. Façade Engineering has evolved by itself on solving aesthetic, environmental and structural issues of construction.

The effective illumination of facades can turn a building into a real eye-catcher when viewed from a distance. The dynamic light effects leave a lasting impression on viewers. Beautifully-lit buildings look good and enhance the surroundings. The appealing townscape attracts tourists and investors like a magnet.

A smart, yet the resource-saving combination of façade lighting meets functional and artistic requirements, creates new urban spaces and contributes a unique quality to how a town or city’s architecture is enjoyed at night.

The façade lighting emphasizes the unique architectural features of the building to create an inviting appearance during the night which can be seen from a distance.

Customer challenges:

Branding plays an important role in identity recognition; it may impact on how people perceive your business. A building without decorative lighting looks dull and provides a bad impression to both customers and investors.

There is no special element for people to make a lasting impression on a building. It would be difficult for a customer to recognize & identify the location of your building.

However, some building happens to have unsuitable lighting components installed which may lead to high electricity consumption. At the same time, this may also oppose the concept of the Green Building Index as it does not promote energy sustainability in the building.


In order to create an outstanding atmosphere and highlight the building, façade lighting is the key.

Without a professional knowledge & idea, the installation will only be the general spotlight with extremely high energy consumption product, such as 1000w or 2000w metal halide spot lamp. Façade lighting installation requires expertise and skills. Providing a LED solution to the building owner with a system that able to provide various of colour effects can create a different mood of the atmosphere. The LED point will be individually addressable and change its colour with an RGBW system that allows the creation of magnificent shades and pearlescent colour gradients. The lights provide 50% energy saving compared to the conventional type of lighting. Professional software is used to help the property owner to design the lighting effects based on preference.


The building with decorative lighting help to build identities to the building. The façade lighting emphasizes the unique architectural features of the building to create an inviting appearance during the night which can be seen from a distance.

These structures dynamic help them become part of our lives and can define a location, a city or a brand. It can also influence how we respond to a place and our emotional connection to it.

The lighting can be remotely programmed in order to make it changed instantaneously according to pattern and color changed automatically. This benefit helps to save on manpower by eliminating the need to manually monitor the lights.

Lightings gives effect to its building. With the right lighting composition and color, the building becomes an attraction and the number of visits will gradually increase, thus generating income when customers spend money in the building. LED lights help to save electricity bills. With the usage of good quality of lighting components with greater efficiency, it uses lesser wattage to produce the same amount of lumens, thus using lesser electricity.


Featured Products

PHILIPS ColorBurst Powercore gen2

ColorBurst Powercore gen2 is a high-output, exterior-rated LED lighting fixture designed for accent and site lighting. Architectural and landscape fixtures deliver a full-color light output of up to 963 lumens to support a range of dynamic uplighting, floodlighting, and decorative lighting applications.


Vaya Flood HP is a reliable and cost-effective high output LED flood lighting solution ideal for illuminating large-scale exterior facades, bridges, and monuments. While minimizing initial investment, this Vaya Flood series provides exceptional flexibility to create an eye-catching flood, wash and spot lighting effects.

PHILIPS eW Reach Compact Powercore

eW Reach Compact Powercore high-performance LED luminaires are premium exterior long-throw dynamic high-quality white luminaires for lighting tall buildings, bridges, and iconic structures. eW Reach Compact Powercore outputs washes of white light in color temperatures ranging from a warm 2700 K to a cool 6500 K. A full range of accessories allow for customizable beam angles for floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing, and grazing, along with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Powercore technology in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing.

PHILIPS Vaya Linear MP

Vaya Linear MP is a reliable and cost-effective LED wall grazing luminaire for both interior and exterior use that minimizes initial investment while offering exceptional flexibility to create eye-catching wall washing and wall grazing effects. A wide range of color and CCT options, in either static on/off or with dynamic color control, adjustable mounting brackets, wide or elliptical beam angles offer a comprehensive toolbox for your facade lighting needs. The discreet design with integrated power supply and waterproof connectors makes wiring simple, fast and reliable.

PHILIPS Vaya Linear LP

Vaya Linear LP is a super slim outdoor linear luminaire for low-level grazing applications, with wide 120° beam or elliptical 28° x 84° optics. Its slim form factor is ideal for space-restricted applications with limited setback or allowable install height. The robust Vaya Linear LP offers a variety of color and white CCT options with either static on/off- or dynamic control options via standard DMX-512. The discreet design with integrated power supply and waterproof connectors makes wiring simple, fast and reliable.

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Featured Products