OFFERS / Fluke | SIT Promotion 2021

Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion period is from 24th August until 15th October 2021.
  • All purchases of the promotional items will be entitled for the free accessories.
  • The product entitlement and complimentary accessories for each promotional item can be found below.
  • The free merchandise will be sent together with the purchased promotional items.
  • All Purchase Orders (PO) must be received within the promotion period.
  • Cancellation of PO is not allowed.
  • KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd and Fluke has the right to cancel or modify the promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd and Fluke reserves the right to accept or reject the promotion eligibility should there be any discrepancies.
  • Any terms & conditions not mentioned here will be subjected to KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd’s final decision without prior notice.

Free C12A

Free C25

Free C781

Free H3