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Light… For something so essential to life, its power is often taken for granted. From its role as a source of energy, to its ability to control our mood and dictate the rhythms of society – the presence or absence of light has a profound effect on us whether we realize it or not.

But as any lighting professional knows, the all-powerful light we see in our man-made environments, whether natural or artificial, is the result of a careful and complex process designed to manipulate light in a way that enhances each space for the benefit of the people who use it. Behind each lighting fixture is a painstaking choice that not only has to take into consideration the effect of the light itself, but how the design, size and technical requirements of the luminaire work in tandem with the overall space.

From this realization came the inspiration for LIT by CARDI – a lighting brand designed for simplicity, with no over-promised technical features, no confusing product selections and no time-consuming installation processes.

Founded in Stockholm by Swedish lighting consultancy Cardi, LIT by Cardi is a leader in professional lighting solutions. With over 40 years in the industry, Cardi created the brand as a simple solution to what it saw as unnecessary complexity in the lighting business, offering designers and installers a straightforward but effective way to provide their clients with professional lighting solutions.

LIT by Cardi was initially launched with a focus on the Swedish market, with European markets to follow, and its early products were specially tailored to solve the biggest lighting challenges faced by people in the region. Today, LIT by Cardi provides fully customizable solutions that enable building owners and operators worldwide to create the optimal environment for their end-users. Whether that’s hospitality operators leaving an unforgettable impression on their guests through the creative use of lighting, or public services providing well-lit, safe spaces for their community, LIT by Cardi’s professional lighting products are based on over four decades of experience in bringing light into parts of the world which need it most.

Through our deep understanding of light and lighting technology, we are creating a fresh approach to lighting that opens new possibilities for lighting solutions providers by removing unnecessary barriers to their work. Designed for simplicity, LIT by Cardi simplifies the way for lighting.

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