Fiix is simplifying the journey to modern maintenance. We’re the first open CMMS platform that mixes innovative technology with a focus on partnering with customers to make buying, implementing, and using maintenance software easier than ever.

Fiix’s cloud-native software helps companies to schedule, organize and track equipment maintenance. It connects seamlessly to business systems and drives data-driven decisions. The addition of Fiix advances Rockwell Automation’s software strategy and enhances capabilities in the company’s Lifecycle Services business, which provides a full range of industrial automation services to help customers maximize the value of their production assets, systems, plants, and processes. Additionally, it underscores Rockwell Automation’s focus on helping customers be more sustainable. Through a CMMS, businesses can operate more efficiently by reducing waste and energy use.

Create, complete, and record work orders Take care of your to-do list without limitations.
Take care of your to-do list without limitations.

Create work requests with a few taps

Put an end to time-consuming, unclear, and ineffective work orders so you can get the job done faster and keep assets running at their best.

Complete tasks flawlessly

Attach SOPs, task lists, photos, and a list of suggested parts to work orders so technicians can quickly access everything they need to get through their to-do list. Set up common failure codes to eliminate trial and error from troubleshooting.

Simplify your work request process

Users and guests can submit unlimited work requests through the work request portal and easily search, sort, and track them. Design your own work request forms and prioritize requests.

Track and report on everything you do

See all your work orders and everything about them in a couple of clicks, including completion rates, repair dates, total costs, follow-up tasks to failed inspections, and more.

Schedule maintenance that runs like clockwork

Schedule maintenance using date, time, meter, event or condition-based triggers. Simplify schedules with nested PMs and multi-asset work orders.

Get an AI-generated report to find work orders that are causing problems

Analyze the performance of all your work orders in seconds and spot which ones are causing equipment failure, work delays, and compliance issues using work order insights, powered by Fiix Foresight.

With Fiix’s cloud-based CMMS software, it’s never been easier to plan, track, and optimize your maintenance.

Connect with our CMMS software experts to see if Fiix is the right solution to help you:
  • Save money and time by optimizing your work orders, assets, parts, reports, and much more
  • Manage your maintenance from anywhere, at any time, with or without an internet connection, using the Fiix mobile app
  • Move from a reactive to preventive maintenance approach
  • Conduct audits and ensure you meet health and safety compliance

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