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KVC Industrial Supplies is well known by providing Malaysian Solar PV industry with Solar Smart Inverter Solution for the past few years. Today, KVC Industrial Supplies is pleased to expand our Solar PV products portfolio to include Solar Mounting Structures solutions by Clenergy in our efforts to position ourselves as the one-stop solution for the Solar PV Market in Malaysia.

Clenergy | Innovating Renewable Energy

Clenergy is a publicly-listed renewable energy company, founded in 2007 in Australia & Headquatered in Xiamen, China, with offices spread across China, Europe & Asia-Pacific. Clenergy provides high quality, reliable, and versatile solar PV mounting products and solutions for commercial, residential and utility-scale projects. Clenergy’s strength is their in-house R&D capabilities, the core values of attention to quality and innovation, along with the commitment to service.

Clenergy additionally provides;
1. Manufacturing of solar racking equipment
2. Global Project Team in Germany
3. Engineering divisions in China & Australia
4. 3D designing for Solar Farm in Japan

With these internal services and strength in manufacturing, Clenergy are now one of the largest global mounting system manufacturer’s; with projects and renewable energy investments in over 20 countries.

As a global industry leader, here are a few of Clenergy’s milestones,
• 10 GW+ of installations
• 500+ staff
• 10,000+ solar parks
• 600,000+ rooftop solar projects
• Market Leader in Australia for past 10 years

Clenergy have rapidly gained popularity among systems integrators, distributors, and system designers. Clenergy vision is to constantly innovate within the renewable energy industry, making this world a more sustainable and greener for future generations.

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