KVC Industrial Supplies has been actively involving in the solar energy industry as a Solar PV product supply partner to the community over the past several years. KVC Industrial Supplies had developed Xtructured Solutions (XD Solutions) to provide a better customer experience. Today, KVC Industrial Supplies plans to expand the XD Solutions portfolio by announcing a new in-house brand named ADBOX. 
ADBOX represents our fully developed DC combiner boxes which are crucial in providing isolation and reliable protection to DC circuit of Solar PV system. ADBOX DC combiner box is made up of a combination of various components of various premium brands that are already established in the industry locally and globally for many years. ADBOX DC combiner box offers various standardized component combination as well as can be fully customized to suit the system and design needs, while not ignoring the practicality of operation and maintenance afterward.
ADBOX DC combiner box is assembled locally by certified and experienced engineering specialist team to ensure the best quality produced for customers.

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Project Reference

  • Tioman Island 275kWp - Material supply for solar PV system
    |Combiner box – Power Cable – Earthing System – Weather Station|

  • Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas - Material supply for complete off grid solar PV system
    |Solar panel – Charging Unit – Cable & Wiring Accessories – Combiner Box|

  • Sungai Buloh Petrol Station 30kWp - Material supply for rooftop solar PV system
    |String Inverter – DC Combiner Box – AC Switchboard – Mounting Structure – Cable & Wiring Accessories|

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